Our employees
Our multi-disciplinary laboratory team comprises over 100 qualified chemists and microbiologists.

They possess a wealth of experience operating in a regulatory and quality driven environment. This helps us to deliver exceptional technical expertise to our customers across a broad range of analytical areas.


We successfully retain analysts far longer than many other laboratories. Consequently we have a pool of highly experienced professional staff. This has been noted by external auditors who, like us, value the wealth of experience and expertise that long-serving staff can provide.


The key elements of our laboratory team′s expertise are:


Academic Qualifications

Many of our staff are graduate level scientists, with several holding higher qualifications (MSc/PhD).



Our comprehensive in-house training programme meets all regulatory competency requirements. In addition, our external training programme is led by our training department, ensuring that the right training is delivered to each job role.


Professional Affiliations

Around 30 members of our laboratory team are currently members of their associated professional body. Our chemists are members of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and our microbiologists are members of the Society of Biology. We also currently have 7 scientists holding chartered status with several more working towards this designation. In addition, a further 6 staff hold the new designation of Registered Scientist. Our strong association with the RSC is demonstrated by our recent appointment as an RSC Corporate Partner.


Internationally Recognised Expertise

The expertise of our staff is acknowledged by their active involvement in a number of prestigious National, European and International scientific bodies, including:

  • British Standards Institute (BSI)
  • CEN European Standards Committees
  • ISO International Standards Committees

Our staff

Continuous Professional Development

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