Cryptosporidium is a protozoan parasite (singled celled organism) that causes an infection called cryptosporidiosis in humans.

The most common symptom is diarrhoea, which in some cases can be very severe and can occur through ingesting contaminated water.

Our specialist cryptosporidium laboratory at Horsley is accredited to ISO 17025 and complies with the Drinking Water Testing Specification (DWTS). We can perform cryptosporidium testing on the following samples:

  • Potable Waters
  • Private Water Supplies
  • Swimming & Hydrotherapy pools
  • Bathing Waters

Due to the potential of hazards to human health, we are able to offer a number of turnaround time options to suit you, from our standard 10 working days, to fast track same-day reporting. This service must be pre-booked but can be vital in determining a potential cryptosporidium outbreak.