Our laboratories
Our analytical services for the microbiological and chemical testing of waters, wastewaters, solids and air samples are available across the UK.

Our three UKAS & DWTS accredited labs are based in the North East and South East of England. The focus of each laboratory is outlined below:


Howdon (Newcastle):

Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and metals analysis of potable waters, wastewaters, solids and air samples.


Horsley (Northumberland):

Microbiological testing of potable waters for coliforms, E. Coli, total viable counts (TVC′s), cryptosporidium, legionella and an extensive list of accredited drinking water microbiology tests.


Hanningfield (Essex):

Analysis of drinking waters for a broad range of microbiological tests, plus inorganic chemistry and biology analysis.


We have a dedicated overnight courier service which uses refrigerated vehicles to transfer samples between each of our laboratories. This helps them function as a single integrated unit, ensuring the full range of our analytical services is available to you irrespective of your location.


Across our three analytical laboratories:

  • We analyse over 170,000 samples per year
  • Conduct over 1.2 million tests per year
  • Have over 80 methods accredited to ISO 17025, DWTS, and MCERTS.

Please follow the links below to find out more about our Howdon, Horsley and Hanningfield laboratories.

Our laboratories