Continuous Professional Development
Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is the cornerstone of our commitment to continuous learning and provides a structured process to manage individual competence.


It ensures that our employee′s skills are constantly developed and that this development is comprehensively recorded, reviewed and reflected upon. It facilitates the identification of future development objectives as well as recognising previous learning.


Our lab staff maintain comprehensive CPD records to help them achieve these goals. The CPD record identifies 9 discrete skills and each analyst should ideally have at least 1 example of each over a 12 month period. The nine skills are:


CP1 - Make significant personal contributions to key tasks in their employee area and understand fully the chemistry / microbiology objectives of the work done and its relevance to the employer or others.


CP2 - Demonstrate a high level of appropriate professional skills in the practice of chemistry / microbiology / water science.


CP3 - Develop their chemistry / microbiology / water science and other professional skills as required for the work undertaken and career development.


CP4 - Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of Health, Safety and Environmental issues and adhere to the relevant requirements relating to their role.


CP5 - Evaluate critically and draw conclusions from scientific and other data.


CP6 - Demonstrate integrity and respect for confidentiality on work and personal issues; demonstrate other professional attributes such as thoroughness and reliability.


CP7 - Plan organise time systematically, demonstrate foresight in carrying out tasks and offer suggestions for improvements to tasks/duties.


CP8 - Demonstrate a commitment to continuing learning and development.


CP9 - Demonstrate a high level of understanding of the principles of analytical quality control.


Kelly Little (right) is one of our Organic Analysts who recently attained Chartered Chemist (CChem) and Chartered Scientist (RSci) status with The Royal Society of Chemistry and The Science Council. For Kelly, and other chartered scientists like her, there is a further requirement to provide supportive evidence of CPD activities to maintain their status. Kelly commented "With the variety across all aspects of the CPD, managers can be confident that the laboratory analysts are motivated to maintain health and safety, a good quality system and look to problem solve."