Dioxins and PCBs
We hold ISO 17025 accreditation for dioxins and WHO-PCB’s to international standards:
  • Dioxins (tetra to octa-chlorinated) to BS EN 1948-2:2006 & BS EN 1948-3:2006
  • WHO-PCB’s to BS EN 1948-4:2010+A1:2013

For dioxin & PCB′s analysis on stack emission samples we can analyse filters, resin traps and probe and impinger rinses. We also offer analysis of dioxins and PCB′s on potable waters and wastewaters, and soils and sludges.


We have recently invested £250,000 in a new Thermo DFS High Resolution Mass Spectrometer that delivers a ten-fold sensitivity increase over our previous instrument and offers much improved capacity and reliability.


As recognised industry experts we have over 20 years of experience in the analysis of dioxins and PCB’s on stack emissions to atmosphere. We helped to develop the current ISO dioxin standards and continue to provide our expertise to a range of prestigious National, European and International scientific bodies.