As an integral part of Northumbrian Water, Scientific Services has expertise in the sampling of numerous different types of water. This includes the sampling of:

  • Waste waters and effluents
  • Borehole waters
  • Surface waters
  • Potable waters (including private water supplies and bottled waters)
  • Bathing waters (including coastal waters, swimming pools and spas)
  • Purified and process waters

    Our sampling team and the methods they follow are accredited to rigorous standards. This provides confidence that the samples collected are representative of the water source in question.

    The standards to which our sampling team are accredited include:

  • UKAS & MCERTS for waste waters
  • UKAS for potable waters
  • DWTS for potable water sampling (fully meeting DWI requirements)
  • GMP for purified and process waters

    The bulk of our sampling expertise is delivered to Northumbrian Water and to Essex & Suffolk Water to help them safeguard their regulatory compliance. They value our expertise in the planning and delivery of sampling programmes and our application of auditable, defensible and traceable sampling processes. The use of an expert sampling team gives them the confidence that samples are collected and transported to the laboratory under appropriate conditions, which is an essential pre-requisite to high quality analysis.

    Some of our commercial clients are also able to benefit from our sampling expertise. The availability of this service is dependent upon your location and upon your specific requirements. Please contact us and we′ll be happy to discuss what we can do to meet your needs.

  • Schedule of Analysis

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      Our full list of UKAS accredited microbiological, organic and inorganic chemical tests can be downloaded here.


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    If you would like to discuss your analysis and testing requirements further, or if you have any other enquiries then please contact our dedicated Laboratory Customer Team who will be happy to help.

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