In December last year we distributed our 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey, which ran until January. We are now pleased to share these results with you.


The results of the survey were very positive with the following noteworthy headlines:


  • 99% of respondents rated themselves as ′satisfied′ through ′delighted′ for overall satisfaction with our service, maintaining a 97% - 99% record over the past five years
  • 100% of respondents would use us again
  • 98% of respondents would recommend us to others
  • 99% to 100% of respondents rated themselves as ′satisfied′ through ′delighted′ for most individual questions (ease of contact, speed of response, staff knowledge, staff friendliness etc.)
  • 98% of respondents rated themselves as ′satisfied′ though ′delighted′ for our analytical turnaround
  • 99% of respondents rated themselves as ′satisfied′ through ′delighted′ with our value for money


These results are very rewarding and they reflect the efforts being made by all of our staff to maintain our high levels of customer satisfaction.


We′d like to thank all who participated in the survey. We made a charitable donation of £3.00 for each response, resulting in a £250.00 donation to The Orangutan Foundation, a UK registered charity working to protect orangutans in the shrinking forest habitats of Borneo and Sumatra.


If you would like to discuss any aspects of our services, or provide feedback on how you would like to see further improvement, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.