New Double Focusing High Resolution Mass Spec for Dioxin & PCB Analysis to BS EN 1948-4:2010

06 June 2016

To supplement our capabilities for dioxin and PCB analysis we have recently invested £250,000 in a new instrument which provides greater reliability and sensitivity.

If you need MCERTS accredited results for dioxin and PCB analysis then that analysis must also be ISO 17025 accredited to the current standard (BS EN 1948-4:2010). This is sometimes simply referred to as dioxins & PCB′s ′to part 4′.

Our laboratories meet these requirements in full, offering analysis that is:

• MCERTS accredited
• ISO 17025 accredited
• BS EN 1948-4:2010 compliant

We have recently invested £250,000 in a new Thermo DFS (Double Focusing System) High Resolution Mass Spectrometer to supplement our capabilities for dioxin and PCB analysis. This instrument delivers greatly improved reliability and capacity and offers a ten-fold sensitivity increase over our previous instrument. We are currently progressing with the instrument validation and will be accepting commercial samples from September 2016 onwards.

As recognised industry experts we have over 20 years experience in the analysis of dioxins and PCB′s on stack emissions to atmosphere. We can analyse filters, resin traps, foam plugs, and probe and impinger rinses. We also offer dioxin and PCB analysis on waters, wastewaters, soils and sludges.

If you would like further information on dioxin and PCB analysis to part 4 of the British Standard (BS EN 1948-4:2010) please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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