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Private water supply sampling training

Private Water Supply Sampling Training

We have produced a series of training videos to help local authorities improve their potable water sampling technique. These are free to view because we understand that it can be a struggle to find high quality training materials on drinking water sampling.

There are nine videos in total:

  • Introduction
  • Sampling bottle types
  • Order of sampling
  • Sampling equipment, customers, paperwork
  • Suitable sampling taps
  • Sampling - chemistry
  • Double disinfection of taps
  • Sampling - microbiology
  • Sample storage & transportation
  • Five of the videos are now live on our YouTube channel and can be viewed by following the hyperlinked text above. Alternatively, you can view our Private Water Supply Sampling playlist directly on YouTube. The remaining four training videos are still in production and will be available soon.

    These water sampling training videos are available for all to view. You don′t need to be one of our customers and there is no payment required. This is an altruistic gesture on our part to help you with your training needs for potable water sampling.

    Please enjoy the videos. We hope that you find them useful and we welcome any feedback that you care to give.

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